在選擇加盟體系之前,建議大家多加比較,您可從市場競爭、品牌認同、自有資金、加盟條件、配合模式、總部資源、發展趨勢等方向深入探討,觀察該品牌與營運模式是否獲得消費者認同、服務是否持續創新、產品是否不斷更新、營業據點是否持續成長,作為選擇加盟體系的參考。 台灣加盟簡章

Dream, could come true if get the right direction. In regard to extreme competition in Taiwan's coffee market, apparently running brand of a cafe risks much for not only requiring finding out management trick by oneself but also demanding adroit manipulation to deal with short finance. Opposing to that, franchise of chain store reveals rather less risky, although it has a bunch of consistent regulations of chain store system to conform to that makes less decision-making power for oneself to conclude decoration, product, and marketing, etc.



For people who possess their own concept on running business, franchise of chain store means to be absolutely restrictive to them. Nevertheless, for those who want to easily operate, such a system would leave out hard works such as business project, product R&D, marketing promotion, purchase logistics, and stock management, etc; furthermore, it would effect shortly with the famed brand to attract customers in mass. Therefore, a deliberate consideration must be taken prior to take up a shop as gain is going to be accompanied with some kind of give-up.

Before make the option within franchise systems of chain store, suggest to take comparison that you may deeply research into multi-aspects like market competitiveness, brand identification, reserves, franchise condition, cooperation mode, headquarters resource, and development trend to carefully observe whether the brand and its running model are popularized to consumers; its service keeps creative; product maintains up-to-date; and operating base expands as well for which to be a critical reference to select the system. International Franchises