■ 台灣地區加盟辦法

.加 盟 金:30萬元 (每月不須再繳權利金)
.保 証 金:30萬元 (契約期滿不再續約無息退還)
.人力支援費用:8萬元 (總公司提供2位主管入店輔導營運。1位5週、1位3週)
.契約期間:三 年 (三年後續約不須再繳加盟金)


■ 投資金額

.一般店面:40坪左右約 500萬元 (單一樓面)
.以上內含 : 加盟金、保證金、人力支援費、裝潢、硬體設施、機器設備等
.以上不含 : 房屋租金、押金、5%營業稅


■ 總公司提供的服務




■ 加盟流程

.閱讀了解加盟契約、規章 。
.簽訂加盟契約 。
.尋找店面 、設立公司


■ Measure of Joining the franchise in Taiwan

.Franchise Fee: NT$ 300,000 (No royalty is required monthly)
.Guarantee Deposit: NT$ 300,000 (To be completely returned upon expiry without extending the contract)
.Manpower Support Charge: NT$ 80,000 (The headquarters designates two superintendents for offering assistance after the shop takes into action,one for six weeks and one for two weeks)
.Duration of Contract: 3 years (No franchise fee is required in the case of extending the contract after 3 years)


■ Investment Fund

.General Shop: Around NT$ 5,000,000 for approx 40 level ground
.Inclusion: franchise Fee, Guarantee Deposit, Manpower Support Charge,  Decoration, Hardware Facility, Machinery Equipment, etc.
.Exclusion: House Rent, House Guarantee Deposit, 5% Business Tax


■ The service the Headquarters provides

.Evaluation and comment to business market and location
.Complete pre-job training and specific training course to different ranking
.Reduction of preliminary time to start the shop
.Decrease of purchasing cost
.Unity of standard process
.Full-set of conducting form
.Integrated product combination and market position
.Share of result of new product's R&D
.Planning and advance of promotive activity
.Share of successful experience


■ Process of Joining the Franchise
.Interview by both deputies: The two parties entirely communicate their own conception on the issues like franchise agreement and regulatory interpretation, etc.
.Read and understand the contents in contract and stipulations
.Sign up the franchise contract.
.Survey for shop and establish office
.Educational training, practical training, and recruitment
.Preparatory session of launch, graduation of staff training, and preparation to initiate the shop
.Begin running of the shop