Since 1993, 120 stores in Taiwan
Superior Commercial Service Brands Certificate in Taiwan

Dante Coffee is a franchise coffee shop from Taiwan, the name was adopted from the famous Italian name Dante to reflect the founder’s passion and devotion to the Italian ambiance in providing high quality coffee, and introducing coffee shop concept in Taiwanese market.


Dante Coffee launched its first store in 1993, and has the honor to get “Superior Commercial Service Brands Certificate” from Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan. In order to bring the coffee culture into people's life, Dante Coffee became the first coffee shop to provide its costumers with high quality coffee at an affordable price.


With its exquisite modern style and high quality service, Dante Coffee has established a solid position in the coffee market. After years of continuous refinement of various flavors and delicious meals, Dante Coffee has adopted a regional marketing strategy to cultivate different segments of the market. There are now around 120 Dante coffee shops in Taiwan, 20 in Indonesia, 5 in Kuwait, one in Saudi Arabia.


The Company believes in providing its customers with the highest quality drinks and meals at an affordable price. Dante Coffee shops are built to provide a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for its costumers. A break from the everyday!







Franchise Opportunity

Dreams can come true if set in the right direction. In regard to extreme competition in the coffee market, running a cafe risks much for not only requiring finding out management trick by oneself but also demanding adroit manipulation to deal with short finance. Opposing to that, franchise of chain store reveals rather less risky, not only has complete standard operating procedure, but also can share succeed experiences.


Dante will impart the succeed experience during 23 years in Taiwan to international franchisee, and help franchisee expand the territory of coffee chain store. Dante Coffee welcomes all the franchisees who interest in coffee chain store management to join us, and initiate the turning point of Dante Coffee together.




■ The service the Headquarter provides to Franchise
.Complete pre-job training and specific training course to different ranking
.Reduction of preliminary time to start the shop
.Decrease of purchasing cost
.Unity of standard process
.Full-set of conducting form
.Integrated product combination and market position
.Share of result of new product's R&D
.Suggest and advance of promotive activity
.Share of successful experience
.Support from high-profile leading brand in Taiwan
■ The job that franchisee have to do

.Evaluate and comment to business market and location by your own
.Search suitable food ingredient in local place by your own
.Search same facilities that headquarter requested in local place
.Build POS system that suit to local place

 Contact Us

Gigi Lin
Tel: 886-2-2736-5138 ext 608
Fax: 886-2-2736-3678
Add: 11F, No.268,Sec.2,Fusing S. Rd.,Taipei Taiwan


■ The franchise of Indonesia

For franchise in the Indonesia contact:
Hengky Wijaya
Tel: +62 811811638







■ The franchise of Middle East

For franchise in the Middle East contact:
Imad Alzahabe
Al-Hareer Franchising Company, Kuwait.
Mobile: +965 50105800
Tel: +965 22971181






■ 海外區域授權模式
因海外地區之原物料取得難易不一,故區域授權會根據地域性差異而有不同之合作模式,有興趣之加盟主歡迎於上班時間洽加盟諮詢專線 Tel: 886-2-27368008 展業部/ 林小姐,或e-mail至詢問。