您可使用手機透過行動購物網,購買丹堤餐飲商品,選擇自己使用,即可將您購買的商品,以電子票券模式儲存在My Wallet中,隨時取用兌換,省去實體票券攜帶及保存的不便,聰明管理、輕鬆使用。


【贈送他人】相隔再遠 也要請朋友喝杯丹堤咖啡





mobile shopping


Mobile Shopping Service


In August, 2015, Dante Coffee launched “mobile shopping” service ahead of competitors in business, turned the physical channel products into virtual e-ticket, whether it is own using or as gifts to others, you can easily purchase and send as a gift by using Dante mobile shopping network.


【Own use】Smart E-ticket management

You can purchase Dante’s Food and Beverage by using mobile phone via mobile shopping website, select “own use” and the purchasing will store in the My Wallet with e-ticket mode and use your purchases readily. It’s a smart way to use and manage easily and eliminating the need for physical tickets.


【Giving free】Treat your friends to a cup of Dante Coffee without distance

If you have the need of gifting, just get into Dante Coffee’s mobile shopping website and purchase Dante’s Food and Beverage, then you could send the product barcodes to relatives and friends through e-mail or text message, after that, the recipients could go to retail sales of Dante Coffee all over Taiwan to scan and redeem; enjoy the convenient service of mobile gifting.


【Mobile Shopping Website】